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#IfTheyGunnedMeDown Confronts How Minority Deaths Are Portrayed In Media

Following the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teen on Saturday, and the ensuing media portrayal of his death, Twitter expressed outrage in the form of a hashtag: #IfTheyGunnedMeDown

The ones that hit me hardest are the ones of the service members because there have already been incidents—one of them being a friend of my brother’s—being gunned down in civilian gear for existing while Black, and only after is it revealed that they were in the Armed Forces.

So it isn’t just limited to civilians. No matter what we—as Black people—do, say, wear, act, speak, or accomplish, it doesn’t save us from the racist stereotypes forced on us that gets us killed.

This is why when white people complain about that Black kid that teased them one time we don’t take you seriously. Being clowned about drinking Starbuck doesn’t get you gunned down in the streets.

And I have had my own stint with racist police officers, one of whom held me at gunpoint while I was sitting on the fucking TOILET just because I happened to be in the dorm when a party was busted next door.

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